3 november 2010

~Jie-Wei Zhou

jie wei zhou .
Jie-Wei Zhou is a master realist whose brushwork
sings with a radiant Impressionistic quality.
Working in oil, watercolor, and acrylic,
he has won numerous awards, and has exhibited
widely in China and the United States.
Zhou was born in Shanghai P.R. China on October 10, 1962.
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He began studying art in middle school
when his talent was recognized by his teachers.
Even as a child, he took a sketchbook wherever
he went, immersing himself in the study of light
and form. He studied both Russian and French
painting styles, earning first a Bachelor of Arts Degree
from the Shanghai Normal University
and a Masters in Fine Art from the
Shanghai Drama Institute in 1991.
He was one of only eleven students to do so,
in a city of thirteen million.
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Hermes zei

I first saw him a few months ago and was so impressed. We obviously have the same eye. He is so good.