7 november 2010

~Sunday Poem

The Snow Queen passed our way last night,
Between the darkness and the light,
And flowers from an enchanted star,
Fell showerlike from her flying car.
And silently through all the hours,
The trees have borne their magic flowers,
And now stand up with dauntless head,
To catch the morning’s gold and red.
(1907 victorian poem)

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SparkleFarkle zei

Your today's post has inspired me to begin collecting as many different book editions of The Snow Queen that I can get my little mitties on, starting with artist Vladyslav Yerko's beautifully illustrated take on Andersen's tale! Thank you for this looksee!

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Aputsiaq zei

Oh, Anna...if you like Alice in Wonderland like mad, I love 'Snedronningen'...The snow Queen....just as madly I think that so many brilliant artists have found the essens of this story in their illustrations! Thanks for a great post today!

Hermes zei

I have this book - love it.