24 november 2010

~Kit Williams

Kit-Williams .
Christopher 'Kit' Williams
born April 28, 1946 in Kent, England
is an English artist, illustrator and author best
known for his book Masquerade, a pictorial
storybook which contains clues to the location
of a golden (18 carat) jewelled hare
created by Williams and then buried
"somewhere in Britain."

Without a city there is a house
That's made entirely of wood,
Where live ten thousand daughters
That work for a common good.
One mother hath these daughters
And on her wedding day,
She became a widow
And royal sisters did she slay

. kitwilliams. kitwilliams

Williams wrote another puzzle book with a bee theme;
the puzzle was to figure out the title of the book
and represent it without using the written word.
This competition ran for just a year and a day and
the winner was revealed on the live BBC TV
chatshow Wogan.

2 opmerkingen:

Aputsiaq zei

Oh, my dear...I have had this book since I was 20 years old...and I didn't win the hare!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Anna zei

and what a beautiful hare it is!
pitty! I have had the book called Masquerade for many years now...so amazing!