28 februari 2010

~Sunday Poem!

"The Old Mountain Troll"
translated by Charles Wharton Stork in 1930:

Troll Rolf Lidberg .

The evening draws on apace now
The night will be dark and drear;
I ought to go up to my place now,
But 'tis pleasanter far down here.

Mid the peaks where the storm is yelling
'Tis lonely and empty and cold;
But 'tis merry where people are dwelling,
In the beautiful dale's green fold.

And I think that when I was last here
A princess wondrously fair,
Soft gold on her head, went past here;
She'd make a sweet morsel, I swear!

The rest fled, for none dared linger,
But they turned when far off to cry,
While each of them pointed a finger:
"What a great, nasty troll! oh, fie!"

But the princess, friendly and mild-eyed,
Gazed up at me, object of fright,
Though I must have looked evil and wild-eyed,
And all fair things from us take flight.

Next time I will kiss her and hold her,
Though ugly of mouth am I,
And cradle and lull on my shoulder,
Saying: "Bye, little sweet-snout, bye!"

And into a sack I'll get her,
And take her home with me straight,
And then at Yule I will eat her
Served up on a fine gold plate.

But hum, a-hum! I am mighty dumb,--
Who'd look at me then so kindly?
I'm a silly dullard--a-hum, a-hum!
To think the thing out so blindly.

Let the Christian child go in peace, then;
As for us, we're but trolls, are we.
She'd make such a savory mess, then,
It is hard to let her be.

But such things too easily move us,
When we're lonely and wicked and dumb,
Some teaching would surely improve us.
Well, I'll go home to sleep-a-hum!

by Gustaf Fröding (Swedish poet)
Painting by Rolf Lidberg.

25 februari 2010

~Ruth Wang

Toronto-based illustrator and crafter who loves art,
fashion, food and nature.
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21 februari 2010

~Sunday Poem


There is a pleasure in the pathless wood
There is a rapture in the lonley shore
There is society where none intrudes
By the deep sea, and Music in its roar.
I love not man the less, but nature more.


by Lord Byron
Painting by Mahmood al Khaja

20 februari 2010

~May Ann Licudine

may ann licudine.
In her kindergarten graduation, May Ann received
her first award, Best in Creative Arts.
She changed her nickname "Mall" when she
was in Grade 4. Because she chose the initial letters
of her full name. She is a visual artist and
freelance illustrator living in La Union, Philippines.
She is also a painter and has had several
painting exhibits. Her art is inspired by her
own dreams, nightmares, childhood memories,
as well as God, nature, music and other great
artists. She enjoys dreaming, listening to music,
and setting her imagination free into wide colorful skies.
. .
Once inspiration hits her, May Ann’s paintings
and drawings radiate and overflow with her
emotions. She particularly loves making illustration
of her very own whimsical characters Babu and
Abu the Cat.
She illustrated her first children's book
“The Yellow Paperclip with Bright Purple Spots”
written by 2005 Grand Prize PBBY-Salanga winner
Nikki Dy-Liacco and published by
Adarna House
the country’s first and largest publisher of Filipino
children’s books. May Ann has also been
commissioned for a music album, paintings, murals, advertisements and others.

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18 februari 2010

17 februari 2010

~Rolf Lidberg


A great Scandinavian troll painter
Rolf Lidberg died Februari 2005, 74 years old.
He was an expert of Swedish orchids and guided
many botanical walks in Sweden and also produced
watercolour illustrations of Swedish flora, but is
probably most well-known for his funny trolls that
did more or less the same as people in those parts
of the world, they just lived longer (say 500 years),
in complete harmony with nature and had tails and
longer ears and bigger noses.
His paintings were lighter than John Bauer's,
both in technique and subject-matter,
but the influence is obvious.
.Troll Rolf Lidberg

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16 februari 2010

~ Marsela Hajdinjak-Krec

marsela .
Marsela Hajdinjak-Krec has been a professional
illustrator since 1996. She illustrates children's books,
picture books and textbooks and regularly
contributes to several children's magazines.

. . .
She has created characters and scenography for
animated films. She received the "Grigor Vitez" Award
in 2005 for her book illustrations for the book,
"Water Sprite and Old Pear Tree".
She lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.


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