26 januari 2013

Henri Gervex

La Toilette
by Henri Gervex.
French Academic Painter (1852 - 1929)


17 januari 2013

The Story teller will tell you the story
about the


1911 Edmund Dulac

1911 Edmund Dulac from
Stories from Hans Andersen
The Snow Queen 

and in the centre of this lake sat the Snow Queen,
when she was at home.”

13 januari 2013

the secret garden by inga moore

One of my favorite books!
The Secret Garden
Illustration by Inga Moore

11 januari 2013

~Have a lovely weekend!

Herbert Gustave Schmalz

Queen Of May
by Herbert Gustave Schmalz

9 januari 2013

Jacob Hendrick Maris

by Jacob Hendrick Maris

8 januari 2013

~Vintage book

else wenz
Magical illustrations by Else Wenz-Viëtor,
one of Germany's most well known
and prolific children's illustrators...

This wonderful book is my own dutch copy
I bought on flea market.
 else wenz v

Vincent Vidal

Young Lady Saying the Rosary,
by Vincent Vidal.
French (1811 - 1887)

7 januari 2013

John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse at his easel

5 januari 2013

Jean de Brunhoff

Illustration of Babar the elephant
by Jean de Brunhoff.

3 januari 2013

Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin

by Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin

2 januari 2013

Marianne Stokes

The Frog Prince
by Marianne Stokes (1855-1927)