31 maart 2010



Yeaaaah… a 100 followers!!!
Thank you all!!!


Painting by Jean Bradbury

10 maart 2010

~Tot Ziens

notes from the rookery   
Ik  hou even op met bloggen
We gaan verhuizen en heb heel veel om in te pakken
en voorlopig dus géén tijd om te bloggen.
Zodoende zeg ik jullie vanaf hier “Tot Ziens”
Ik zie jullie later wel weer!!!

I have to end this blog for now
We are gonna move, and very little time for
fun things like blogging!
So I have to say goodbye for now!
See you in a short while Again!!!

Illustration by Danielle Barlow

7 maart 2010

~Sunday Poem!

children in library .
Summer fading, Winter comes--
Frosty mornings, Tingling thumbs,
Window robins, Winter rooks,
And the Picture Story-Books.

by Robert Louis Stevenson
Painter unknown to me!

5 maart 2010

~Gustav Robert Hogfeldt

Gustav Robert Högfeldt werd geboren op
13 februari 1894 in Eindhoven, Nederland;
† 5 juni 1986 in Djursholm (Zw.)
Hij was een Zweedse schilder, illustrator en cartoonist.

Högfeldt studeerde kunst in Düsseldorf 
en van 1913/17 in Stockholm op de Academie
en tevens in Parijs.
Högfeldt was vooral voor zijn humoristische
schilderijen en boekillustraties bekend.
Sommige van zijn werken zijn in het Zweedse Nationaal Museum.


Gustav Robert Högfeldt
was born februari 13th 1894
in Eindhoven, Nederland;
† june 5 1986 in Djursholm.

Swedish illustrator with quite a Disneyesque
style who created a troll world fit for children's
books and postcards but quite detached from
the trolls of rural folklore. "Urban trolls" one might
call them - cute and posing no risk to anybody.
He may be said to be the best of the
Scandinavian troll postcard artists.

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4 maart 2010

~Nancy Noel

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. nancy noel
  A Reverence for Life

Art heals, informs, transforms and inspires.
  Nancy Noel, a philanthropist and painter,
is also a visionary.  She captures the essence
of her subjects, depicting them with reverence
which quiets the mind and comforts the heart. 
Noel's timeless paintings describe a world both
natural and mystical, with a finesse that
speaks directly to the soul.

Sensitive portraits of animals and Amish children
made Noel a household name. 
The intimacy of the Amish children portrayed is not
seen in mainstreamed American culture. 
In contrast, the African series demonstrates
a unique versatility bringing us face to face
with the haunting charisma of a diminishing culture. 
At the same time, Nancy's angelic messengers float
ethereally on canvas, all asking the viewer to see
beyond the paintings into another dimension;
encouraging us closer to our divinity in
celebration of who we are.

"Each day, I marvel at the number of people I have

had the privilege to reach through my work.

          However, my greatest gift has been
the people who reach me."

                                                                           N. A. Noel

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2 maart 2010

~Jean Jacques Grandville

Die Pilgerfahrt der Blumengeister 
Jean Jacques Grandville
1803 – 1847
He was a French caricaturist and illustrator.


The Pilgrimage of the Flower Spirits.
Thanks to my Friend Cornelia!

wasserlilie. weinbluete. dornroeschen. flachs. hollunder. geissblatt.nelke.narzisse  .distel