26 augustus 2012

Bookshop sign
"Second hand books are wild books,
homeless books;
they have come together in vast flocks
of variegated feather, and have a charm which
the domesticated volumes of the library lack."
- Virginia Woolf

25 augustus 2012

Vicente Romero Redondo by Vicente Romero Redondo 1956


23 augustus 2012


“He’ll be famous — a legend — I wouldn’t be
surprised if today was known as Harry Potter day
in the future — there will be books written about Harry
— every child in our world will know his name!”

J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

21 augustus 2012

backcover of a Victorian storybook
(sorry don’t now the title)

13 augustus 2012


Charles Dickens with daughters Katey and Mary in the garden at Gad's Hill Place in Higham, Kent -
home of Dickens' family from 1858 until his death
in one of the rooms in 1870,
and which is about to open its doors
to the public for the first time.

11 augustus 2012



8 augustus 2012

~Market Square

I had a penny,
A bright new penny,
I took my penny
To the market square.
I wanted a rabbit,
A little brown rabbit,
And I looked for a rabbit
'Most everywhere.

For I went to the stall where they sold sweet lavender
("Only a penny for a bunch of lavender!").
"Have you got a rabbit, 'cos I don't want lavender?"
But they hadn't got a rabbit, not anywhere there.

I had a penny,
And I had another penny,
I took my pennies
To the market square.
I did want a rabbit,
A little baby rabbit,
And I looked for rabbits
'Most everywhere.

And I went to the stall where they sold fresh mackerel
("Now then! Tuppence for a fresh-caught mackerel!").
"Have you got a rabbit, 'cos I don't like mackerel?"
But they hadn't got a rabbit, not anywhere there.

I found a sixpence,
A little white sixpence.
I took it in my hand
To the market square.
I was buying my rabbit
I do like rabbits),
And I looked for my rabbit
'Most everywhere.

So I went to the stall where they sold fine saucepans
("Walk up, walk up, sixpence for a saucepan!").
"Could I have a rabbit, 'cos we've got two saucepans?"
But they hadn't got a rabbit, not anywhere there.

I had nuffin',
No, I hadn't got nuffin',
So I didn't go down
To the market square;
But I walked on the common,
The old-gold common...
And I saw little rabbits
'Most everywhere!

So I'm sorry for the people who sell fine saucepans,
I'm sorry for the people who sell fresh mackerel,
I'm sorry for the people who sell sweet lavender,
'Cos they haven't got a rabbit, not anywhere there!

by A.A Milne

7 augustus 2012

~Garth Williams

Garth Williams
by Garth Williams
American, 1912-1996

Garth Williams

The Cricket in Times Square is a 1960
children's book by George Selden and
illustrated by Garth Williams.
It won the Newbery Honor Award. Selden gave
this explanation of what was the initial idea for the book:

Garth Williams
"One night I was coming home on the subway,
and I did hear a cricket chirp in Times Square.
The story formed in my mind within minutes.

An author is very thankful for minutes like those,
although they happen all too infrequently."
 Garth Williams Garth Williams

6 augustus 2012

~Jim Daly

Jim Daly

Within just a few years, he was able to devote
himself entirely to his art.
His wife, Carole, and their four now-grown sons
frequently modeled for him.
Jim’s paintings are represented in many private
and corporate collections and have earned a wealth
of awards, including the Favell Museum’s Western
Heritage Award for excellence in portraying realistically
and accurately early Americana.

Jim Daly
Articles about Jim’s work have appeared in Southwest Art, American Artist and Art West magazines among others
and in a recent U.S. Art magazine poll, gallery owners
named him one of their top 20 most popular artists.
Jim has also had the pleasure of illustrating
three well- received children’s books.

Jim Daly
Jim Daly Website!
  Jim DalyJim DalyJim Daly3

Jim Daly Books for sale at

Jim Daly
  “Even back then,” Jim Daly says,
“I had an interest in the past ...
and I still prefer the warm palette I used then.”

jim daly

4 augustus 2012

~James Christensen

James Christensen 
James C. Christensen
born September 26, 1942
is an American artist. His main body of work,
mostly paintings, is heavily influenced
by fantasy themes.
Even his small body of religious work shows
heavy fantasy influence.
Christensen says his inspirations are myths, fables,
fantasies, and tales of imagination.

LINK to his Blog