28 maart 2011

fairy book


Have a wonderful sunny week!
I will be gone for a few days!

27 maart 2011

~Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha 

by Alphonse Mucha (Czech 1860-1939)
~ Madonna of the Lilies

26 maart 2011

~Heinrich Vogeler

 Heinrich Vogeler. Heinrich Vogeler

Heinrich Vogeler (December 12, 1872 – 1942)
was a German painter, designer, and architect.

Vogeler was a central member of the original artist
colony in Worpswede, which he joined in 1894

He was born in Bremen, and studied at the academy
of arts in Düsseldorf from 1890–95.
His artistic studies during this period included
visits to Belgium and Italy.


Heinrich Vogeler. Girl with Cat (Mädchen mit Katze). 1914.

He made book illustrations in an art nouveau style,
and executed decorative paintings for the town
hall of Bremen shortly before traveling to Ceylon in 1906.
Heinrich_Vogeler 1897

24 maart 2011

23 maart 2011

~Helen Jacobs


by Helen Jacobs (British 1888-1970)
~ The Mermaid Girl

20 maart 2011

~Sunday Poetry

sunday poetry Marginalia

Finding an old book on a basement shelf—
gray, spine bent—and reading it again,
I met my former, unfamiliar, self,
some of her notes and scrawls so alien
that, though I tried, I couldn’t get (behind
this gloss or that) back to the time she wrote
to guess what experiences she had in mind,
the living context of some scribbled note;
or see the girl beneath the purple ink
who chose this phrase or that to underline,
the mood, the boy, that lay behind her thinking—
but they were thoughts I recognized as mine;
and though there were words I couldn’t even read,
blobs and cross-outs; and though not a jot
remained of her old existence—I agreed
with the young annotator’s every thought:
A clever girl. So what would she see fit
to comment on—and what would she have to say
about the years that she and I have written
since—before we put the book away?

Poetry by Deborah Warren
Art Unknown to me

19 maart 2011

18 maart 2011


Snow White .
SnowWhite by Trina Schart Hyman
born April 8, 1939, Died November 19, 2004

She was an American illustrator of children's books.
She illustrated over 150 books, including fairy tales and
Arthurian legends, and was the recipient of three
Caldecott Honors and one Caldecott Medal.
. Snow White  .Snow White. Snow White .Snow White.
snowwhite . Snow White .Snow White

17 maart 2011


Artist unknown to me

16 maart 2011

Gustav Doré

Illustration by Gustav Doré for Lord Tennyson’s
“Idylls of the King”

14 maart 2011

Brian Froud

“Memory” from the Runes of Elfland
by Brian Froud

13 maart 2011

~The Promise

by Ffrida Wolfe.
“The Promise” by Ffrida Wolfe
Unknown illustrator

Taken from the book, ‘The Golden Staircase’,
Poems and Verses for Children,
chosen by Louey Chisholm. Part II.

12 maart 2011

11 maart 2011

eimear brennan
“May a flock of colours, indigo,
red green and azure blue come to awaken
in you a meadow of delight” 
Art by Eimear Brennan

10 maart 2011

9 maart 2011

~Joanna Braithwaite

 Joanna Braithwaite.
Joanna Braithwaite was Born in Halifax,
England in 1962
.Joanna Braithwaite.Joanna Braithwaite.Joanna Braithwaite.Joanna Braithwaite

6 maart 2011

~Sunday Poem

“Rosemary has of dolls a dozen,
Yet she disdains them all;
While Marie Rose, her pauper cousin
Has just an old rag doll.
But you should see her mother it,
And with her kisses smother it.
A twist of twill, a hank of hair,
Fit for the rubbish bin;
How Rosemary with scorn would stare
At its pathetic grin!
Yet Marie Rose can lover it,
And with her kisses cover it.

Rosemary is a pampered pet;
She sniffs a dainty nose
Of scorn at ragged dolls, and yet
My love’s with Marie Rose,
In garret corner shy and sweet,
With rag doll Marguerite.

Though kin they are, a gulf will grow
Between them with the years;
For one a life of love will know,
The other toil and tears:
Perhaps that shabby rag doll knows
The rue of Marie Rose.

by Robert William Service
(1874 – 1958)


5 maart 2011

Carl Larsson


“Greta and Dora-Nora” by Carl Larsson
(Swedish Painter, 1853-1919)

4 maart 2011

~I Just love Dolls….


Barbie as Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”
which is part of the “Barbie as Muse” series via: www.barbiemamuse.com/

Have a great Weekend!

3 maart 2011

~The Doll-Baby Show

Our doll-baby show, it was something quite grand;
You saw there the loveliest dolls in the land.
Each girl brought her own, in its prettiest dress:
Three pins bought a ticket, and not a pin less.

oszar glatz

For the doll that was choicest we offered a prize:
There were wee mites of dollies, and some of great size.
Some came in rich purple, some lilac, some white,
With ribbons and laces,—a wonderful sight!

Now, there was one dolly, so tall and so proud,
She put all the others quite under a cloud;
But one of us hinted, in so many words,
That sometimes fine feathers do not make fine birds.

We sat in a row, with our dolls in our laps:
The dolls behaved sweetly, and met no mishaps.
No boys were admitted; for boys will make fun:
Now which do you think was the dolly that won?

Soon all was commotion to hear who would get
The prize; for the dollies’ committee had met:
We were the committee; and which do you think
Was the doll we decided on, all in a wink?

Why, each of us said that our own was the best,
The finest, the sweetest, the prettiest drest:
So we all got the prize—we’ll invite you to go
The next time we girls have our doll-baby show.

from “The Nursery,” Volume 17, No. 101, May, 1875
by George Cooper

The Project Gutenberg eBook
Art by Oszkár Glatz
(1872 – 1958, Hungarian)

2 maart 2011

beatrix potter

By Beatrix Potter

1 maart 2011

~More Alice


Vintage Comic - Raggedy Ann + Andy #21

Alice in Wonderland cover
Feb 1948