31 mei 2010


butterfly baby

Free the butterflies-
I'll be there
to see them soar
upon the air.
Know my spirit
is on the wing,
feel my laughter-
hear me sing.
Forever in your dreams
always in your heart.

by Fran LeMasters
Illustrator unknown to me

26 mei 2010

~Bella Pilar

duomo .
Bella Pilar makes illustrations of fashion,
of lovely and elegant girls.

Bella’s whimsical feminine watercolor
illustrations take a traditional medium
and push it to it to a fresh, pretty new place.
Her strong ties to fashion began with work
in visual display and a career as
a make-up artist before going on to her true love, illustration.

.  .
She has a series of illustrations of women and dogs;
More of her works here.
. .


artwork COPYRIGHT Bella Pilar

25 mei 2010

~I am Back!!!

Hello Everyone…I am Back!
with so many new Followers?!
Thanks…and Welcome to you All!

james browne

This Illustration is painted by James Browne

Please Visit his Wonderful blog
I just Adore this little Girl, picking some flowers
from this Beautiful Garden…

I won’t be Blogging very much for 
the next few weeks…
So much work to do in our New Home and Garden!