30 juni 2011

~Scott Gustafson

Scott Gustafson’s earliest artistic ambition was
to become an animator. But by the time he entered
high school, he became acquainted with artists
from the Golden Age of Illustration.
Great illustrators like N.C. Wyeth, Normal Rockwell,
Maxfield Parrish and Arthur Rackham opened
a door onto a world of beautiful images that
continue to inspire him to this day.
.Scott Gustafson pumpkin eater.
Lingering dreams of making animated films,
however, led Scott to major in animation at
the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.
It wasn’t until after leaving art school that the
possibility of a career as a freelance illustrator
began to truly appeal to him.
Peter_Pan_cover .
Over the nearly twenty-five years that span
his career, he has had the opportunity to fulfill
commissions for a number of varied clients and
publishers such as Celestial Seasonings,
Playboy magazine, Saturday Evening Post,
The Bradford Exchange, Dreamworks and
The Greenwich Workshop.
. alice. Mad_Tea_Party_detail
His illustrated books include The Night Before Christmas,
Peter Pan, Nutcracker, as well as two original titles,
Animal Orchestra and Alphabet Soup.
His newest release, Classic Fairy Tales,
was recently awarded a Chesley award for best
interior book illustrations from the Association
of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.
Artwork © Scott Gustafson

29 juni 2011

Lawrence Alma-Tadema

by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (English 1836-1912)
~ In The Peristyle

28 juni 2011

~Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran 1893 Chicago World’s Fair
(World’s Columbian Exposition)
watercolor and graphite on moderately thick wove paper,
Brooklyn Museum, NYC, NY.

Thomas Moran was an American painter and
printmaker, talented illustrator and exquisite colorist,
one of the premier painters of the American landscape.
The paintings of Moran reveal the scale and the
splendor of the beautiful places he was attracted to.

24 juni 2011



21 juni 2011

~Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington

1947 Leonora Carrington (Mexican 1917-25 May 2011)
~ The Giantess (The Guardian of the Egg)

20 juni 2011

~Raining again…

Maria Zeldis .
Art by Maria Zeldis
I found this very talented artist
on Deviantart.com.

18 juni 2011

~The Pagemaster

I found this lovely book on a fleamarket
Written by David Kirschner and Ernie Contreras.
Illustrated by Jerry Tiritilli
About a young boy Richard Tyler, an easily bullied,
nervous wreck of a kid who's an expert
on safety statistics.

He overcomes his obsessive fears
by discovering a love for books in this animated
fantasy adventureund,  His mother and father don't
know how to inspire their son to embrace life boldly.
Barely able to leave the house,
Richard ventures out one day, but he gets lost in a
storm and ends up at a mysterious library.
Inside, he slips, knocks himself unconscious and
finds himself in a cartoon realm where books come to life.
Guided by Adventure, Fantasy and Horror
Tyler experiences the adventures of classic novels
such as Moby Dick and Treasure Island,
and he even meets some famed fictional characters,
such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Through his experiences in the pages of the
legendary books, Richard confronts his phobias and
learns to face life more courageously.
. pagemaster .pagemaster .
The Pagemaster is brought to life in a 1994 adventure
fantasy film starring Macaulay Culkin,
Christopher Lloyd, Patrick Stewart,
Whoopi Goldberg,
Frank Welker, and Leonard Nimoy.
The film was produced by Turner Pictures and released
by 20th Century Fox on November 23, 1994.

17 juni 2011



Have a wonderful weekend

and a lovely fathersday!

16 juni 2011

~Walter Langley

Walter Langley

(Birmingham, 1852 - Penzance, 1922)
walterlangleyatevening. walterlangleymotherhood. Mother_Love.

14 juni 2011

~Rachel Anderson

rachel anderson.
Her name is Rachel Anderson
She has been fascinated with the world
of fantasy since she was little,
when her parents began reading books to her,
like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.
From then on her imagination was
incurably overactive.
rachel anderson.
CLICK HERE to visit her Website
rachel anderson

6 juni 2011

Johanna Harmon

Another wonderful painting by
Johanna Harmon

4 juni 2011

~Johanna Harmon

Johanna Harmon

by Johanna Harmon (American 1968-)
~ Bejewelled,

1 juni 2011

~Paul César Helleu

Paul César Helleu

1900 Paul César Helleu (1859–1927)
Portrait of Alice Guérin, oil on canvas.
Helleu is best known for his portraits of many of
the most famous and beautiful women of his time
including the Duchess of Marlborough,
the Countess of Greffulhe and the Marchesa Casati.

He was commissioned to paint a portrait of a
young woman named Alice Guerin in 1884.
They fell in love, and married two years later
(July 28, 1886). She was undoubtedly his
favourite model. Charming, refined, and graceful,
she helped introduce them to the aristocratic
circles of Paris, where they were popular fixtures.