31 augustus 2011

Arthur Rackham

Beauty and the Beast,
by Arthur Rackham

29 augustus 2011

27 augustus 2011

rene cloke

Art by Rene Cloke


26 augustus 2011

25 augustus 2011

~Vintage Books..

eleanor cameron

The incurable optimism of 1950s juvenile fiction
by Eleanor Cameron

24 augustus 2011

~Nicoletta Ceccoli

Nicoletta Ceccoli .
Nicoletta has illustrated many books,
mainly in Italy, in the USA and in the UK.

Her work has been exhibited at the Bologna
Children’s Book fair seven times.
She has also shown her work among the
others in ‘Roq la Rue’ (Seattle),
’Magic Pony’(Toronto), ’Dorothy Circus’(Rome),
Richard Goodall Gallery(Manchester).

In 2001,Nicoletta was awarded with
the Andersen prize as best
Italian illustrator of the year.
.Nicoletta Ceccoli .Nicoletta Ceccoli

23 augustus 2011

~Helen Mary Jacobs

Helen Mary Jacobs

by Helen Mary Jacobs, 1912

22 augustus 2011

~The Librarian

When a magical artifact is lifted from his library,
a meek librarian sets out to ensure its safe return.

Director: Peter Winther
Writer: David N. Titcher

-Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen

-Sonya Walger as Nicole Noone

-Bob Newhart as Judson

-Kyle MacLachlan as Edward Wilde

21 augustus 2011

 John Everett Millais


by John Everett Millais (English 1829-96)
~ Dew-Drenched Furze

19 augustus 2011

By Phil Lord and Chris Miller
This was a fake commercial we made in 1998
for a series of educational shorts about
action figures based on historical figures.


18 augustus 2011

Karoly Lotz. 1894

Soring, Portrait of Ilona Lippich

by Karoly Lotz. 1894

17 augustus 2011

16 augustus 2011

Elizabeth Shippen

Mind of a Child
(Dec. 1906, Harpers Monthly Magazine)
by Elizabeth Shippen Green
(American, 1871 - 1954)

14 augustus 2011

~Sunday Poem

a summer's afternoon .

Lying in the long grass
close beside her
giving her the name
of the one the moon loves
this will be the day she
will remember
when she knew his heart
loving in the long grass
close beside her.

theinspirationtree: Flora’s Secret – Enya
art by Johan Krouthen

11 augustus 2011

10 augustus 2011

~for Mette ;o)


by Arthur Wardle; (1860–1949)
The Lure Of The North


9 augustus 2011

~Robert J. Thornton

Robert J. Thornton,

The Night-Blowing Cereus,
by Robert J. Thornton,  1799

8 augustus 2011

Eloise Wilkin

A Child’s Garden of Verses,
Illustration by Eloise Wilkin, 1957 -Rain

7 augustus 2011

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot


by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (French 1796-1875)
~ Le Précédent (Springtime of Life)

6 augustus 2011

George Dunlop Leslie

Alice in Wonderland
Painted by George Dunlop Leslie
England c1879

A Wonderful Weekend
to All of my Friends and Readers

5 augustus 2011

Marjorie Torrey1944

“At the Train Station”

Illustrated by Marjorie Torrey

4 augustus 2011

3 augustus 2011



Don’t ever lie…

2 augustus 2011

Shirley Hughes

Bedtime, from the book “Bathwater’s hot”,
by Shirley Hughes

1 augustus 2011

Millicent Etheldreda Gray

“The Lost Doll,”
by Millicent Etheldreda Gray (1873-?)