30 december 2010

~Kim Min Ji

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29 december 2010

~Evan Wilson

evan wilson.
Evan Wilson was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
in 1953. He showed interest in art at an early age
when University of Alabama art professor and
family friend Richard Brough provided him with
painting materials and inspiration.
In 1971, Wilson enrolled in the prestigious
North Carolina School of the Arts to complete
high school. There he experimented with various
styles of art. After high school, Wilson attended the
Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore
where he met his lifelong mentor, Joseph Sheppard,
an internationally known realist painter.
Under Sheppard’s training, Wilson began his
evolution as a realist painter.
Evan Wilson.
.Evan Wilson .Evan Wilson

28 december 2010

tony ross
by Tony Ross
'The ogre didn't have many visitors on account
of his bad temper, and he blinked at the cat
in yellow boots peeping through his door'

Illustration for 'Puss in Boots, the Story of a Sneaky Cat',
by Tony Ross (London: Andersen Press, 1981)

27 december 2010

24 december 2010



Art by Sandra Dieckmann

Wishing you All a 

Wonderful Christmas

23 december 2010

~A Very very Special Day…


by Frances Ullmann DeArmand ~ Tom Vroman 1963

It is My Birthday Today!

22 december 2010

~The Snow Man

It is so delightfully cold, said the Snow Man,
that it makes my whole body crackle.
This is just the kind of wind to
blow life into one.
How that great red thing up there is staring at me!
He meant the sun, who was just setting.
It shall not make me wink.
I shall manage to keep the pieces.
snowman .   
He had two triangular pieces of tile in his head,
instead of eyes, his mouth was made of
an old broken rake, and was, of course,
furnished with teeth.
He had been brought into existence amidst
the joyous shouts of boys,
the jingling of sleigh-bells, and the
slashing of whips. The sun went down,
and the full
moon rose, large, round, and clear,
shining in the deep blue. 
There it comes again, from the other side,
said the Snow Man, who supposed the sun was
showing himself once more.
Ah, I have cured him
of staring, though, now he may hang up there,
and shine, that I may see myself.
If I only knew how to
manage to move away from this place,
I should so like to move.
If I could, I would slide along
yonder on the ice, as I have seen the boys do,
but I don't understand how,
I don't even know how to run.

Read the whole story HERE!
Told By Hans Christian Anderson
Art by Raymond Briggs!

21 december 2010

20 december 2010



a McKay's Colored Classic version
of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
and Through the Looking-Glass and
What Alice Found There." 
published in the early 1900s
Found Here!

alice. alice. alice.alice

19 december 2010

~Hello everyone!

I am feeling a bit better,
not great but I am doing oké!
Before I got sick
I had a few concepts ready
so I will post them here
in the next couple of days!

The first is about Omar Ryyan
He is a great artist and one of my favorites!

~Omar Rayyan

omar work.

Omar Rayyan (born 1968) is a published illustrator
of children's books and young adult books.
Some of the published credits of Omar Rayyan
include Mistmantle Chronicles Book Three,
The: Heir of Mistmantle,
The (Mistmantle Chronicles), Waggit's Tale.
He was a concept illustrator for
"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion,
the Witch and the Wardrobe" (2005).

. . omar ryyan. . omar ryyan. omar ryyan .

13 december 2010


Gustave Leonard de Jonghe Art by Gustave Leonard de Jonghe
Sweet friends and readers of my Blog (s)
I am very Sick but hope to be back Soon!!!

10 december 2010


Edgar Maxence Art by Edgar Maxence 
Jeune Fille Rousse Nourrissant des Cygnes
I am Taking a while off from Blogging ..
for some Personal Reasons!
Hope to see you again Soon!

I Wish you All

Wonderful Holidays!

"May you have the gladness of Christmas
which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
The heart of Christmas which is love."

by Ada V. Hendricks
(1891 – 1971)

~Michael Gorban

Michael Gorban
was born in 1956 in the former Soviet Union.
In 1976, Gorban graduated from the
Kishinev Higher School for the Painting Arts
in Moldavia and in 1982, he graduated from
the Academy for Painting in the city of Lvov,
majoring in graphics.
Gorban received a grant in 1988-1990
from the Artist's Association of the Soviet Union,
and he emigrated to Israel with his family in 1990.


9 december 2010

~Claire Keane

Claire Keane was born on 1 March 1979
in Los Angeles.
She is the daughter of animation master
Glen Keane.
In March 2004, Claire Keane began working for
the Walt Disney Animation Studios.
She began working on Rapunzel in 2006
Rapunzel is a German fairy tale in the collection
assembled by the Brothers Grimm,
and first published in 1812.

8 december 2010

~Peter Parnall

peter_parnall .
Peter Parnall
was born May 23, 1936
is an author and artist/illustrator,
best known for his work on books for younger readers.
The Mountain,Alfalfa Hill, and A dog's book of Birds...
His work has earned him high praise and a
number of awards. Some of his books have
become collector items.
He was born in Syracuse, New York.
.parnall. parnall. parnall. parnall. parnall

7 december 2010

~Margaret E. Bayliss

Margaret E. Bayliss

by Margaret E. Bayliss, 1938

Nymph Nymph What are your Beads?
Green Glass Goblin, Why do you stare at them?

Give them to me…