30 september 2010

~Stefano Morri

Stefano Morri .
by Stefano Morri
Illustration for a story titled "The Scary Season"

29 september 2010

John G. Sowerby

by John G. Sowerby, 1881

27 september 2010

~Angela Barrett

Angela Barrett was born in Essex, England in 1955
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26 september 2010

~G. L. Stampa

by G. L. Stampa

Fairy Frolic
by G. L. Stampa, 1924

25 september 2010

~Kyuoshi Nakajima

Kyuoshi Nakajima Art by Kyuoshi Nakajima

Thoughts of the Wind
The sound they make
The sound I make
Autumn Leaves ..

by Gary Hotham

24 september 2010

~Laurel Long

lady and lion


Laurel Long is known for her detailed illustrations
rendered in oil paints. Her first picture book,
The Mightiest Heart by Lynn Cullen, was awarded
the Gold Medal by the Society of Illustrators.
Publishers Weekly described it as a remarkable
debut paintings that resemble medieval tapestries.
Her illustrations for The Magic Nesting Doll by
Jacqueline Ogburn, were described by the
School Library Journal as "stunning" and the book
was selected as an ABA Kidís Pick of the Lists book
and for the Los Angeles100 best books of 2000.
Longís illustrations for The Lady and the Lion,
a Brothers Grimm tale were selected for publication
in the Communication Arts 2003 Illustration Annual.
Long is a graduate of Syracuse University with a
masterís degree in fine arts.
She is a Professor of Art at California University,
Northridge. Born and raised in New York,
she currently lives in southern California with
her husband, daughter and many animal companions.

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23 september 2010

~Marjorie Miller

Marjorie Miller

Miller was an illustrator of children’s stories and periodicals
around 1924-1935. The elongated figure and composition
demonstrate a Japanese influence.

Marjorie Miller. Marjorie Miller.Marjorie Miller

22 september 2010

~Richard Doyle

Richard "Dickie" Doyle
born September 1824 
and died 11 December 1883
He was a notable illustrator of the Victorian era.
His work frequently appeared, amongst other
places, in Punch magazine; he drew the cover
of the first issue, and designed the magazine's masthead,
a design that was used for over a century.

Born at 17 Cambridge Terrace, London,
one of seven children of Irish cartoonist John Doyle
(known as 'H.B'), a noted political caricaturist,
two of his brothers, James and Charles,
were also artists.

The young Doyle had no formal art training other
than his father's studio, but from an early age
displayed a gifted ability to depict scenes of the
fantastic and grotesque. Throughout his life he
was fascinated by fairy tales.
He joined the staff of Punch in 1843 aged 19,
remaining there for seven years.
Richard_Doyle .
In 1846 Doyle's illustrations for The Fairy Ring
(a new translation of Grimm's tales),
first made his name as a fairytale illustrator.
Following this in 1849 he produced
Fairy Tales from All Nations (compiled by
'Anthony R. Montalba' (i.e. Anthony Whitehall),
which proved a tremendous success.
Doyle was able to fully explore his love of fairy
mythology with his many illustrations and borders
filled with elves, pixies and other mythical creatures.
Richard Doyle .
Following this success Doyle illustrated a string
of fantasy titles: The Enchanted Doll by Mark Lemon (1849),
The Story of Jack and the Giants (1850),
and John Ruskin's The King of the Golden River (1850),
which went through three editions
in its first year of publication.
.Richard Doyle. Richard Doyle .

18 september 2010



15 september 2010

~Virginia Sterrett

Virginia Sterrett .
Virginia Frances Sterrett (1900–1931)
was an American artist and illustrator.

Sterrett received her first commission at the
tender age of 19 (shortly after she was diagnosed
with Tuberculosis) from The Penn Publishing
Company to illustrate Old French Fairy Tales (1920) -
a collection of works from the 19th Century
French author, Comtesse de Ségur
(Sophie Fedorovna Rostopchine).

.Virginia Sterrett 


13 september 2010

W. H. Robinson
by W. H. Robinson

11 september 2010


A. E. Kennedy
A. E. Kennedy, from
"Five Listen with Mother Tales",

10 september 2010


grandma graphics


A very nice collection of public domain children's
illustrations and more at Grandma's Graphics.

9 september 2010

~Gustaf Tenggren

Gustaf Adolf Tenggren (1896 - 1970) was
a Swedish illustrator known for his
Arthur Rackham-influenced fairy-tale style.
Tenggren was a chief illustrator for Disney
in the late 1930s,

tenggren .
.tenggren .tenggren

8 september 2010

~Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki.
Wonderful Art by Audrey Kawasaki
You can find her BLOG HERE
. . .Audrey Kawasaki

7 september 2010

Louis Icart Summer 1928

by Louis Icart (1928)

6 september 2010

~Heinrich Vogeler

Heinrich Vogeler (December 12, 1872 – 1942)
was a German painter, designer, and architect.

Heinrich_Vogeler .

He was born in Bremen, and studied at the
academy of arts in Düsseldorf from 1890–95.
His artistic studies during this period included
visits to Belgium and Italy.

Heinrich Vogeler


4 september 2010


Fujishima Takeji

Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend,
See you back on Monday!

Art by Fujishima Takeji (1867-1943)

3 september 2010

~Wladyslaw Theodor Benda

Władysław Teodor "W.T." Benda
(January 15, 1873, Poland- November 30, 1948,
Newark, New Jersey)
He was a Polish-American painter, illustrator,
and designer.Starting in 1905, Benda was primarily
a graphic artist. He illustrated books,
short stories, advertising copy, and magazine covers
for Collier's, McCall's, Ladies' Home Journal,
Good Housekeeping, Theatre Magazine and many others.
Many publishers regarded Benda as their go-to
artist for his dependability and artistic abilities.
Wladyslaw Theodor Benda4.
In his time he was as well known as
Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth or Maxfield Parrish.
During the 1920s/1930s every publication sought
the look of "the American Girl," but Benda's beautiful
women were often exotic and mysterious, not
homespun pretty like the girls of Harrison
Fisher or Howard Chandler Christy.
.Wladyslaw Theodor Benda.
Wladyslaw Theodor Benda. Wladyslaw Theodor Benda. Wladyslaw Theodor Benda. Wladyslaw Theodor Benda. Wladyslaw Theodor Benda. Wladyslaw Theodor Benda. Wladyslaw Theodor Benda