17 november 2009

~ Sheilah Beckett

Sheilah Wilson Beckett is a published author and an
illustrator of children's books.
Beckett .
She made her mark in Fairy Tale Illustration,
she once wrote that Fairy Tales,
“Demand Imagination, lots of movement,
a sense of costume and setting that should
be fabulous- and humor too”

Ms. Beckett who spent part of her childhood
in Dublin, vividly remembered a fairy tale book
from that time with a beautiful illustrtion
of a prince and princess.
She wrote..”It would be lovely if some child
remembered an illustrtion of mine,
as vividly and with much love.
I always think of small persons studying each
detail of a picture as I work, so I try to put
plenty in to be discovered.”

Sheilah Beckett has illustrated more than 70
children's books and has worked with
many of the major publishing houses.

-The 12 Days of Christmas (A Christmas Carol)
-Sleeping Beauty
-Lullaby Good Night Pa
-A Pumpkin Full of Poems
-Sleeping Beauty: Full-Color Sturdy Book
-The Little Mermaid: Full-Color Sturdy Book
-Beauty and the Beast: Full-Color Sturdy Book
-The Six Wives of Henry VIII
-Jingle Bells (A Music Box Book)
-Snow White and Rose Red
-Alice in Wonderland Stickers
-Snow White Stickers
-Snow White: Full-Color Picture Book
-Little Mermaid Stickers

Sheilah Wilson Beckett is een bekende Illustrator
en toch is er niets of weinig over haar op internet te vinden!
Wel heeft ze meer dan 70 kinderboeken geïllustreerd
hierboven vind je enkele titels van die boeken!

3 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

A friend of mine has several of her books - very stylish work I thought.

Madelief zei

Hoi Anna,

De bovenste tekeningen deden mij door z'n eenvoud een beetje denken aan tekeningen in een stripboek. Erg knap, maar weet niet of ik ze nu ook echt zo mooi vind.

Fijne avond!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Nicecrane Designs zei

Thanks to you I discovered to Sheilah Beckett,,,,I was looking for some new illustrations to add to my new Digital Papers,,,and cards,,,,, I am all time designing digi stamps and collage sheets and I use vintage illustrations to create them and sometimes I add to my sampler,,,,I designed a new paperpack,,,,and I added some incredible illustrations in my sampler card,,,,,from Ms. Beckett,,,,wowwww,,,, take a look here,,,,,,


I am not post this picts still in my blog,,,,,,and Thanks again,