23 september 2010

~Marjorie Miller

Marjorie Miller

Miller was an illustrator of children’s stories and periodicals
around 1924-1935. The elongated figure and composition
demonstrate a Japanese influence.

Marjorie Miller. Marjorie Miller.Marjorie Miller

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Unknown zei

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I've never seen the winter image...I love it!!

Hermes zei

Lovely, I'm into Japanese art and these are so good.

Luzmaría Alam zei

lovely drawing style! yes very japanese influence, the flowers looks or are sakura flowers :)

Marianna zei

Your blog is quite inspiring. There are any number of children's books that I love because of the art. A site you should check out is The Storybook House http://www.thestorybookhouse.com/home.php It's a combination store/gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Anna zei

thanks for the link!

I love these illustrations too, a bit art-deco and a bit japanese...indeed pretty pretty, pretty!!!

Maja zei

Wow, this is so beautiful! Thank you for opening my eyes for the magnificent Miller!! :D