18 juni 2009

~Frances Tyrrell~

Frances Tyrrell lives and works in
Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
Her finely illustrated picture books are
collected by children and adults.
Her original watercolours are in private and
public collections. She has twice been shortlisted for
the Governor-General's Award for illustration.

Straberry Fields MayK&Q

A lover of the magical world of illustrated books
since childhood, Frances now takes great pleasure
in creating beautiful books for to-day's children.
She gratefully acknowledges her teachers,
the creators of the beautifully illustrated
books of the past.

A few books: Illustrated by Frances Tyrrell:

Kate's Castle

This is the castle that Kate built, and in it can be
found the dreams of every child who
has ever spent a sandy, sun-filled day at the beach.

The Huron Carol

"' Twas in the moon of wintertime when
all the birds had fled ..."
So begins Canada's most beautiful Christmas carol.
Its writer, Jean de Brebeuf (1593-1649), was a
Jesuit missionary who lived and worked among the
Huron Indians for twenty-two years.
Although Father de Brebeuf was killed during an
Iroquois raid, the carol was kept alive in
the Huron language for over one hundred years
before it was translated into French.
The English words were written in 1926 by J.E. Middleton.

Woodland ChristmasWorker in Sandalwood

You can read more about her
on her blog or website



3 opmerkingen:

Frances Tyrrell zei

How delightful - what a lovely bog. Thank you! I am working on the third fairy book now.

Jessie Wilcox Smith is one of my favorite illustrators but before your post I had never seen her photograph.

You have made beautiful pages for us to enjoy.

Anna zei

thank you, Frances, for your kind words!
It's always good to know that my blogs are appreciated!

Hermes zei

She looks and sounds as delightful as her charming pictures.