14 juni 2009

~"Remember the Lost"~

Remember the lost ones and
those without names
Remember the hungry and
those who feel shame

While you revel and warm yourselves
with the hearth's flames
Remember the banished and outcast

Think of those standing outside looking in
or walking the darkened moors
empty within
calling for you
to forgive them their sins
as you turn your back in
judgement steadfast

Once in a while
look for those
who've been lost
throw open your door
let the warmth melt the frost
and ask someone in
from the fringe of exhaustion
to fill up their bone weary souls

All of us started here
muchly the same
nobody starts their life
in sin and shame
so on this one night throw out
all of your blame
for the Goblins and Giants
and Trolls.

Best of 2008 Froudian Poem:
First place goes to Traci Wilson for her poem
is inspired by "The fairytale giant"
from "Brian Froud's World of Faerie."

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Hermes zei

I thought that was really moving and very true.