29 mei 2009

~Adrienne Ségur~

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Adrienne Ségur was born in 1901- 
She was active as a childrens' book illustrator
*War II. Her first book - Aventures de Cotonnet -
was published when she was 29 years old
and followed by two sequels.

Little Bill Consulting the Caterpillar *Cotonnet, Aviateur and Cotonnet en Amérique.
Her earlier illustrations, while charming,
were simple and stood in stark contrast
to the hauntingly beautiful and whimsically
detailed illustrated work that was to follow.

mcbabayaga corbeaux *In 1949, Ségur contributed colour and
black and white illustrations to
Alice au pays des merveilles
, the French
adaptation of Carrolls' Alice in Wonderland -
it is considered her masterpiece.
The colour illustrations, in particular

tea party
*throughout Alice au pays des merveilles,
show the fantasy animals and imagery that marks
the highpoint of her art.

Adrienne Ségur  is geboren in 1901-
Ze was actief als kinderboeken illustrator.
*War II. Haar eerste boek - Aventures de Cotonnet -
werd gepubliceerd toen ze 29 jaar was en werd
vervolgd door twee andere delen.
*Cotonnet, Aviateur en Cotonnet nl Amerique


Haar vroegere illustraties, die charmant,
en eenvoudig waren staan in schril
contrast met haar geïllustreerd werk
wat daarop volgde.
In 1949 leverde Ségur een bijdrage aan
Alice au pays des Merveilles,
met kleur en zwart-wit illustraties
van de Franse aanpassing van
Carrolls "Alice in Wonderland - 
Het wordt beschouwd als haar meesterwerk.
De gekleurde illustraties, in het bijzonder.
De gehele Alice au pays des Merveilles,
tonen fantasie dieren en beelden die beschouwd
worden als het hoogtepunt van haar carrière.

beauty an the beast

reclame advertentie
The "Midsummer Night's Dream" line of fairy jewelry
for the Van Cleef and Arpels advertisement.
The "Midsummer Night's Dream"
Reclame advertentie voor de sprookjesachtige
sieradenlijn van Van Cleef and Arpels.

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Hermes zei

You keep findings things I haven't seen and I love the Alice books. Thanks.

Heidi zei

My mother has two very old volumes of Alice and says I can inherit them but keeps forgetting to bring them to me. I have no idea who illustrated them. I have to ask her to look.

Wind in The Willows is my very favorite childrens book. 'Oh Toad!' I just love that book. Have you read the modern sequels? Thank you for your comment about my secret garden. I enjoyed letting a beloved book influence me. I need to share another favorite child's author whose books I am collecting very soon.

Groetjes ~

ruthie zei

wonderful illustrations!!

Orandon Marie zei

Thank You for all the work you have put into this beautiful blog! FUN to look at! Much appreciated! xox!

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Orandon Marie zei

Thank You for all the hard work you have done creating this blog! IT'S GORGEOUS! smile! Much appreciated!

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