22 mei 2009

~Sara Butcher~Illustrator


  Ze is de dochter van een kunstlerares en
een creatieve hobbyist, haar interesse in tekenen
begon op al jonge leeftijd.
Sara geeft kunstlessen aan kinderen en
tieners in de Des Moines Art Center.
Ze woont tegenwoordig in Iowa. VS.


  “I am a freelance illustrator who enjoys fairytales
and the spiritual realm of Heaven.
I find my life very romantic, filled with daydreaming
and fantasy. Incredibly enough, its real.
Art is my spirit. A gift from God. In and through
it I try to convey love, harmony, imagination,
inspiration, and hope”

morning hues
one afternoon

Sara has always seen magical and wondrous things
around her. Faeries, mermaids, and elves came
naturally, and when it was time to make an adult
decision to keep the fairytales or leave them,
she only advanced further into the realm of imagination.
Sara attended the Minneapolis College of Art & Design
in 2000 to pursue the talents God provided her.
In 2003 she traveled abroad to Scotland to study
at the Glasgow School of Art. There she wandered
the Highlands, searched for the roots in fairytales,
and her heritage. When she returned home and
graduated in 2004 with her BFA,
the road became clearer, and her work had a purpose.

painting grace
Sara’s work displays the voyage from discovery
of self in folklore to the fantastical grace of holy faith.
The importance of strength, desire, hope, love,
and “to seek something more than human”,
radiates from the paintings. It is Sara’s drive and
purpose to inspire others, of old and young, to view
life from a different angle, one full of light and peace.
Sara teaches children art at the Des Moines Art Center.

Comtesse de Bouchard


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