20 mei 2009

~Anne Yvonne Gilbert~Illustrator

anne yvonne Anne Yvonne Gilbert is geboren en getogen
in Northumbland en studeerde kunst op
de Newcastle College en de Liverpool College of Art.
Na 5 jaar lesgeven werd ze een 
freelance illustrator in 1978.

A Fleet of ships sailing below - The Wild Swans
He saw Elisa - The Wild Swans Ze woont tegenwoordig in Toronto, (Canada) 
met haar partner Danny, en haar zoon Thomas.

The Wild Swans"I love to draw people, which more or less
determined that I would become an illustrator."

  bookcover "the wild swans" Hans Christian Anderson's “The Wild Swans” 

goodnight my angel Boeken die ze illustreerde zijn oa.
-Children's Classics to Read Aloud,
-A Dictionary of Fairies,
-Goodnight my Angel,
-The Iron Wolf,
-The Wild Swans,

Tibet The Lute Player 
   In 1985 won ze The Golden Stamp Award, en zo ook de 
The World's Most Beautiful Stamp for the British Post Office.
Zie voor de foto’s hiervan

The Queen cast a Spell - The Wild Swans     She Dipped her Hand into the Pool - The Wild Swans     

"I work in colored pencil and use friends and family as
my models − the princess is my friend's daughter, Charlotte
and the prince is my son Tom. I place great emphasis on the costume detail as I have a passion for costume and history
and I want to convince the reader that these are real people."
"I think my work is quite traditional. I was heavily influenced
by old picture books illustrated by Rackham, Dulac and
Heath-Robinson that my mother bought me from jumble-sales."

Elisa Bathing - The Wild Swans


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Hermes zei

How did I miss her - what lovely illustrations.

Tammie Lee zei

incredibly beautiful art! thank you.