27 mei 2009

~Pauline Baynes~Illustrator

Pauline Baynes(1922-2008)
Pauline Diana Baynes was born in Hove, Sussex
on 9 September, 1922. Her father was a
commissioner for the British Empire in India
where she spent the early years of her life
until returning to England with her mother
to attend school. With the family thus broken
her childhood was somewhat melancholy but
she turned to drawing to keep up her spirits.

In 1948 Tolkien was visiting his publishers,
George Allen & Unwin, to discuss some disappointing
artwork that they had commissioned for his
novella Farmer Giles of Ham, when he spotted,
lying on a desk, some witty reinterpretations
of medieval marginalia from the Luttrell Psalter
that greatly appealed to him. These, it turned out,
had been sent to the publishers "on spec" by
the then unknown Pauline Baynes.
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Watership DownShe also painted the covers of
*Watership Down by Richard Adams,
*The Borrowers Avenged
by Mary Norton
*Farmer Giles of Ham
*The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
*Smith of Wootton Major,
*Tree and Leaf by J.R.R Tolkien
and many other books.
She was respected within the industry for the clarity and
detail of her drawings,
a discipline learnt from her
days as a map-maker.

farmer giles of hamPauline Baynes, the artist and illustrator
who died on
August 1 aged 85,
in Dockenfield, Surreybrought
the worlds of CS Lewis's Narnia and JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth to life
with her superb line drawings. She was married in 1961
to Fritz Gasch (died 1988)

Op 1 augustus 2008 is Pauline Baynes op 85-jarige leeftijd overleden.
Baynes was de illustrator van de Chronicles of Narnia.
Baynes was één van de meest vooraanstaande illustratoren van kinderboeken in de 20e eeuw.

Dryade getekend door Pauline BaynesToch wordt zij door velen herinnerd om haar schitterende tekeningen bij The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. Baynes debuteerde als illustrator in het boek Farmer Giles of Ham van J.R.R. Tolkien. Ook andere werken van Tolkien zoals “The adventures of Tom Bombadil”
zijn met de illustraties van Baynes verfraaid.
Terwijl de omslagillustraties van de
Chronicles of Narnia in latere uitgaven ook door andere tekenaars zijn gemaakt – en niet altijd met evenveel succes – zijn de klassieke lijntekeningen van Baynes in alle edities gebruikt.
Baunes heeft tot haar dood gewerkt aan boekillustraties.

Pauline Bayne heeft ongeveer 350 pentekeningen gemaakt voor de Kronieken van Narnia, en heeft ze pas in 1998 ingekleurd.
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