14 december 2009

~Patricia Ariel

Patricia Ariel .
Patricia was born in Brazil, where she lived for over
30 years until moving to the United States.
.Patricia Ariel.
She is been drawing since early childhood, and since
her teenage years she is explored a large range
of artistical modalities: dance, drama, music,
design and literature. she sees Art as
something sacred, intrinsically bonded to the
spiritual. The artist is a worker for the Universe, an
instrument to unveil what is occult from the ordinary
eye, to bring out the freedom of understanding. 
Patricia Ariel .
She uses mostly watercolors and pencils and
the combination figurative/abstract art to explore
metaphysical concepts and the human mind and
soul in an archetypal, symbolical form. 
Her work deals with themes like life and its cycles,
the unconscious, the sacred feminine, transformation
and spiritual evolution and the connections
of man with Nature and the Universe.
. Patricia Ariel. Patricia Ariel .

~ Patricia's Blog~
Patricia Ariel

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