6 december 2009

~Sunday Poem~

Jean Claude Guidou Painting by Jean Claude Guidou

You are probably what the moon dreams about
when it lays its head to rest each night.
I imagine it waits for someone as bright as itself
to walk into its bedroom of stars and lost wishes,
and ask, “Where have you been all my life?”

The way you walk into a room may seem normal to most,
but to me, it’s like finally catching your breath
after you’ve lost it.
Your embrace is something history books
will write about one day.
You could carry the Atlantic in your arms
with ease, if needed.

And your heart.
Your heart is what amazes me,
it’s something I wonder if even a god could create.
Your love is what man works their entire life to find.
It’s the kind of thing you could lean the world on.

I guess what I’m trying to say is,
I love every inch of your existence.


3 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Hoi Anna,

Wat een mooi romantisch gedicht!!!!

Fijne zondag!

Lieve groet,


Unknown zei

Ik was zoals gewoonlijk door de drukte weer even wat achter geraakt. Schade dus weer even ingehaald en met volle teugen genoten van o.a. roodkapje. Die van Gustav Doré blijft toch echt een heel indrukwekkende hè. Maar het was geweldig om al die kleine rode dametjes zo bij elkaar te ontmoeten!
Dank je wel! Fijne dag verder.
Lieve groet, Marja

BeluBelloBelle zei

Breath taking when feeling every words came by.
This one is so beautiful.
Love it.