2 december 2009

~ Red Riding Hood

James Santby James Sant
.Welem de Klerkby Welem de Klerk

Long, long time ago, in a little village at the edge
of a forest, there lived a little girl with her mother
and her father. This little girl was the sweetest,
kindest child there ever was. She was always dressed
in a pretty red cloak and hood that her mother
had made for her, so that everyone began
calling her Little Red Riding Hood.

One day Little Red Riding Hood's mother
called her and said, 'Daughter, your grandmother
is very ill. Please take her this pot of butter and some
custard that I have made.' 'Very well, Mother,' said
Little Red Riding Hood, and ran to get her little basket
for the custard and the butter. 'Be careful,' said
her mother, kissing her. 'Don't stray from the path,
don't stop on the way, and don't speak to any strangers.'

Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother lived all by herself
in a little cottage on the other side of the forest.
Little Red Riding Hood had been through the forest
alone many times, and knew her way.
So she wasn't frightened at all. She skipped merrily
along the forest path, enjoying the bright sunshine,
the blue sky and the birds singing in the trees.
.by Warwick Goble.
But suddenly, whom should she meet but a Wolf.
'Hello, little girl,' said the Wolf in his nicest voice.
'Where are you going this bright spring day?'


Edward Frederick Brewtnallby Edward Frederick Brewtnall 
. Gari Melchersby Gari Melchers
. George Baxterby George Baxter
. George Hillyard Swinsteadby George Hillyard Swinstead
Gustave Doré by Gustave Doré
George Sheridan Knowlesby George Sheridan Knowles
. Isabel Oakley Naftelby Isabel Oakley Naftel
Neal Armstrongby Neal Armstrong
. red hiding hoodUnknown to Me
. red hiding hoodUnknown to Me
. by John Everett Millaisby John Everett Millais
. Steven Englundby Steven Englund
. William M. Spittle by William M. Spittle

Twisted version of the classic tale!

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What a great collection of images...looooove them! And thanks for the tale as well!